Cake Prices

Cakes are great for many occasions and make wonderful surprises and stunning centerpieces for parties.

*Cake prices are subject to change depending on how intricate the decorations you request are. Please contact me for a quote.*

Round 2-Layer Cakes with Basic Decorations (such as flowers, writing, or ganache)

6 inch:   $25

8 inch:   $30

9 inch:   $35

10 inch: $40      

Tiered Cakes with Basic Decorations

8 inch, 6 inch:  $55

10 inch, 8 inch, six inch:  $100

*Add-ons- Wow your guests or make it personal!

Extra layers: $4 each

Cover it in fondant: $20

All-over rose swirls: $10

Bundt Cakes- $30

Decorated Sugar Cookie Prices

Cookies are a great alternative to cakes! They are fun and create less mess/clean-up. :)

*1 dozen minimum and prices may change depending on size of cookie and intricacy of decorations. Please ask me for a quote on your ideas!*

12 cookies:  $22

24 cookies: $40

50 cookies: $75

*Put your cookies on a stick! $2

Cupcakes and Cake Pops

Cupcakes are adorable and you don't have to worry about cutting a cake! What kid doesn't love cake pops?!

*1 dozen minimum please and please ask me for a quote on your special cupcake ideas as prices may change depending on desired decorations.*

Cupcakes with Basic Decorations (flowers, ganache, sprinkles, pearls)

12 cupcakes: $20

24 cupcakes: $35

50 cupcakes: $65

100 cupcakes: $100

*Add fondant toppers or chocolate shapes for $5-$15 depending on details.

Contact me about cake pop pricing.

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